My Projects.

This is my portfolio of websites, tools, and other projects that I have collected over the last few years.

The ReRoto. Thumbnail


The second project that I worked on during my time at GDT was the ReRoto newspaper management system. It is currently used by a handful of college newspapers to manage their web presence, publication processes, and broadsheet printing.

The GU Student Dictionary. Thumbnail

GU Student Dictionary.

GUSD or Georgetown University Student Dictionary uses natural language processing and Generative Language Models to map the English language with word, definitions, images, synonyms, pronounciations, history, and more.

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The Fairfield Programming Platform. Logo

Fairfield Programming Platform.

During winter break my freshman year, I began working on the digital platform for the Fairfield Programming Association. Currently, the platform has functionality for creating and reading courses, but we are waiting until the Summer to add content.

The FPA Landing Page. Logo

FPA Landing Page.

Before coming to Georgetown, I ran the Fairfield Programming Association where we taught under-served children to code. I built the site to increase donations and awareness for the organization's mission, and our statistics show it worked.

The Georgetown Disruptive Tech. Logo

Georgetown Disruptive Tech.

The first project that I worked on for GDT was a total rebuild of the website in Gatsby. As the organization needed a free solution with a database that they could update, the final product uses Google Sheets to manage employees.

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